1. Can I try out your services prior to engaging with you on a long term basis?

As we would like to let clients experience our dedication and good quality of work, we recommend our clients to try out our FREE 15-day SEO services which comprises of keyword research & SEO on page optimisation! During the 15 days, our clients get to know how we work and how is our quality of work like.

If our work is not up to satisfactory, clients do not have to engage our services after the free trial 🙂


2. How do I pay for your service?

You can transfer the money to Malaysia’s Public Bank/CIMB account of our founder 🙂


3. Will you disappear after I’ve paid for your service?

Definitely NOT! We’d rather not take your money if we don’t have the capacity or ability to deliver good quality work to you! We’re a team of SEO professionals who have full time jobs, but with entrepreneurs hearts. If everything goes well, we’ll quit our jobs and set up a physical company.


4. How soon can you deliver your work after I’ve paid for your service?

As we’ll be replying you within 24 hours, we’ll provide a timeframe for the deliverables as well. Timeframe ranging from one day to one week, depending on the amount of work and time required.


5. How soon can I expect you to reply to my queries?

Within 24 hours, that’s our promise 🙂